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Secure Infrastructure

Protect your mission-critical infrastructure with INDUS enterprise-wide security management and operational services, including secure communications design and installation, information assurance, and IT security certification and accreditation. Apply INDUS expertise to enhance and grow your communication infrastructure and ensure full compliance with all security requirements.

Software Applications Management

Drive your enterprise to new levels, leveraging INDUS’ comprehensive application design, development, testing, and application maintenance expertise to optimize your system assets. Be confident that INDUS’ industry and international certifications, expert development teams, and broad industry partnerships will result in the most cost-efficient and effective mission support applications possible.

Enterprise IT Modernization

Modernize your supporting IT infrastructure, taking maximum advantage of available Mobile and Cloud technologies to achieve higher capacity, availability, and flexibility, while maintaining and retaining your legacy infrastructure investments. Apply INDUS’ demonstrated approach and solution sets to tailor, scale, and design a solution that delivers all of these benefits as well as out-year cost-savings.

Business Analytics

Realize your business and mission-critical needs by deploying analytics tools to develop actionable and real-time, situational awareness capabilities. Deploy INDUS’ business analytics and BIG Data expertise to harness, integrate, and usefully deploy large volumes of disparate data. Let INDUS leverage evolving new technologies to deliver your ideal mission portal and analytics capability that streamlines critical decision-making.



How’s My Waterway is an example of outstanding and innovative application development in the Agency.  You were able to accomplish this in under one year with a small budget, by reusing Agency computing resources when possible, and by making it platform-independent so that it is accessible to most mobile devices.  This was definitely no small feat.  You should be proud of playing a significant role in making water quality information more accessible to the public and it is exciting to know that it often has more than 1,000 users a day.”

Associate Administrator, EPA