Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Missguided Striped PJs & Camera Confidence.

Image result for Aesthetic blogspot.comToday I'm coming at ya with an outfit post! Wait, do PJ's count as an outfit because that's basically all I ever wear anyway. I'm gonna get a little more serious in this post but before I do, HOW FREAKIN' CUTE are these PJ's! Just to make it harder for you I'm wearing the top from one set and the bottoms from another so if you love them I'm afraid you're gonna have to buy both (insert devil emoji here). As a 5'9 gal I kinda tend to steer away from long bottom PJs, especially baggy ones because I'm not really into Milhouse style flood length trousers banging around my ankles... 

But everything is coming up Gemma in these ones because they are super long, baggy and oh so cozy. Not gonna lie, the top is very low cut at the sides so If you're not careful a boob does occasionally sneak out, but it's such a flattering cut I will risk the unintentionally flashing, or maybe just whack on a bralette around company.

Now for the serious bit... I HATE picture of myself so much, I can style with the best of them, in fact people pay me to do that in real life, however ask me to be in front of the camera and I choke. I don't look good in pictures, I pull weird faces I didn't even know I could do and my eyes always look sad or sleepy or both, however this year I will change that. Now I don't intent to be able to strike a pose like these huge bloggers can, but I do intend to not hid every time someone whips out a camera and maybe, just maybe want to actually ask people to take pictures of me when I am situated in one of them blogger-esque lifestyle situations. It's not just to do with looking bad in pictures, but also not being happy with the way I generally look, but mark my word, but the end of these year, I will feel differently, and this post was step 1. Missguided Striped PJs

How is your camera confidence?

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