Sunday, January 10, 2016

Turtle Necks & Denim

Hey look at me braving the winter weather to express my style. I bloody love blogging but I do not enjoy standing outside spending most of the time shouting "quick take the picture" as the wind blows my hair in my face for the 7th time in 30 seconds. I actually considered putting in a little gif of a 'blogging walk' I did where I resembled Cousin It from the adams family the whole time, but I refrained.

Anywho... lets talk fashion. I am obsessed with turtle necks right now, I always avoided them previously because I felt like in covering my neck they exaggerated my very moon shaped face but I moved past that and now any jumper that doesn't roll up high feels soooooo boring. I got this one (plus 3 other colours) from Primark and it fits perfect, and was only about �8, so I was well chuffed with that. Another current obsession is Forever21. I went to Uni in Birmingham where the massive one used to be and it was just 3 floors of crap, however recently every time I walk past it I'm dragged in my something handing in the front of the store and slowly pulled further and further in until I've picked up half the stock and am heading for the tills ready the cross my fingers I can afford it all. They have really embraces the 70's look and since I am still digging my heels into this trend and refusing to accept that one day it will no longer be cool, I am in love with Forever21.

Now it's a little less cold, I really wanna start posting outfits here again, so stick around and follow me

Dress - Forever21 // Jumper - Primark // Shoes - Faith

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