Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Missguided Striped PJs & Camera Confidence.

Image result for Aesthetic blogspot.comToday I'm coming at ya with an outfit post! Wait, do PJ's count as an outfit because that's basically all I ever wear anyway. I'm gonna get a little more serious in this post but before I do, HOW FREAKIN' CUTE are these PJ's! Just to make it harder for you I'm wearing the top from one set and the bottoms from another so if you love them I'm afraid you're gonna have to buy both (insert devil emoji here). As a 5'9 gal I kinda tend to steer away from long bottom PJs, especially baggy ones because I'm not really into Milhouse style flood length trousers banging around my ankles... 

But everything is coming up Gemma in these ones because they are super long, baggy and oh so cozy. Not gonna lie, the top is very low cut at the sides so If you're not careful a boob does occasionally sneak out, but it's such a flattering cut I will risk the unintentionally flashing, or maybe just whack on a bralette around company.

Now for the serious bit... I HATE picture of myself so much, I can style with the best of them, in fact people pay me to do that in real life, however ask me to be in front of the camera and I choke. I don't look good in pictures, I pull weird faces I didn't even know I could do and my eyes always look sad or sleepy or both, however this year I will change that. Now I don't intent to be able to strike a pose like these huge bloggers can, but I do intend to not hid every time someone whips out a camera and maybe, just maybe want to actually ask people to take pictures of me when I am situated in one of them blogger-esque lifestyle situations. It's not just to do with looking bad in pictures, but also not being happy with the way I generally look, but mark my word, but the end of these year, I will feel differently, and this post was step 1. Missguided Striped PJs

How is your camera confidence?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What I Got For Christmas - Beauty Edition

What I Got For Christmas - Beauty Edition

So lads & lasses, I haven't posted on this little blog for quite some time, I'm not going to make any promises that there's gonna be loads of fresh content coming anytime soon because youtube takes up most of my free time... HOWEVER, taking more pictures is one of my main New Years Resolutions (even though my actually real life job means I take hunderds of pictures a week) I want to experiment, try new things & really try to put myself in from of the camera sometimes too, and what better place to display these pictures then my old space in the blogosphere.   

So here we have a simple little 'What I Got For Christmas - Beauty Edition'. In the last few years I've gone from using nothing but the same 4 or 5 products on my face everyday to really understanding how to use make-up. I've learnt that my skill level was that of most 12 year olds these days and that I've been making every darn mistake in the book. So in traveling down a long belated road of beauty boot camp, I have learnt so much and as a result feel like I've had a lot of catching up to do when It comes to my make-up collection. This year I decided to whack a bunch of high-end beauty bits on the top of my Christmas lists because I finally feel worthy, even though it may of taken me 24 years to feel that way.

Starting bottom left I have the Make-Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation, being the worlds palest person (award pending) I struggle for foundation on the high street to bless me with a light enough shade, so I went to a brand I know go crazy light and brought the lightest shade... It's too light. Don't get my wrong I'm happy about it, I now use this to mix with my large array of too dark foundations I've collected so I can finally be my normal colour.

Next is the Illamasqua Eyeshadow Palette, this was day 25 of my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar, never have I ever tried anything from Illamasqua so I am super excited to try this, especally that red shade, ooo that in a crease, yessssss!!  

In the middle there we have the Becca Highligher in Moonstone, now this deep harboured desire to own this product was entirely influenced by bloggers, I never would of heard about this if it wasn't for them. So far, although I am loving it and using it everyday and it lasts 10 times longer then any of my high street highlighters, I am a little underwhelmed. I have a bunch of high street ones that are way more likely to stop traffic than this one (In reflective qualities not longevity)... layering them together though, that's a game changer.

Top left we have the Stila Eyeshadow Palette in Eyes Are The Window To The Soul. This. Is. Everything. It contains a combination of every shade I love from all my other palettes, I can go for a pinky toned glitter eye (My personal fave), through to my summer go to of an orange crease with super sparkly nude lid and about 10 other looks in-between. I did however drop it on the day I got this and smashed the game changer in the corner, tears were shed, but I will fix it somehow.

And last but a billion times over not least I have the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette, now I may do a post on this by itself because it is the most expensive thing here so it takes a lot of thought and consideration to commit to buying it, but I'll let you know now that it is by far the best palette I have ever got and if nothing else the finishing powder in this, is face changing.   

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Skin Care Routine For REALLY Oily Skin

So after much trial and error, I finally have a skincare routine I love and have no plans on tweaking anytime soon. I have VERY VERY oily skin and sadly I find it so hard to find products designed for me, because every brand considered oily skin and acne prone skin to be the same thing, and trust me, it's not. 

It took me a long time to learn that make-up wipes are not partially good for your skin, and that you're actually meant to spend as much time as you do putting your make-up on, as you do cleaning it off or preping before hand. These are things that should be taught in school don't you think? Along with facts like how you're vagina is self cleaning (TMI?) these are just not things we are told.

Anyway, if you're interesting in hearing in detail about the products I use, watch the video below (Oh and if you subscribe to my youtube, I will love you forever), if can't be bothered to hear me go on for the next 10 minutes, and you're just looking for some new products to try for you're oily skin, then don't worry the links are below... 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blogging In Brighton

H&M Cactus T-Shirt - Pale Aesthetic
H&M Cactus T-Shirt - Pale Aesthetic
H&M Cactus T-Shirt - Pale Aesthetic
H&M Cactus T-Shirt - Pale Aesthetic

I just got back for yet another little weekend trip to Brighton which is well known as my favourite in the whole of the UK. There's sometime so calming about Brighton and the fact you can't walk more than 2 minutes without passing a pretty cafe really helps my very specific type of anxiety (another story for another time). The lanes are usually where I spend most of my time, rooting through the vintage stores and little independent homeware shops, meaning every time I take a trip there I instantly have to put myself on a month long spending ban as soon as I get back to London, whoopsie. I stayed in the same hotel as before, because well, It amazing, and if they would let me move in, I would... hint hint.

I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post in Brighton but as I wondering down this pretty little white street I just had too! I'm a real sucker for this type of white minimal house (A.K.A my future home) and it makes the most perfect blogger back drop. Thankfully I was wearing one of my favourite outfits too, a suede jacket as ALWAYS (this ones currently in the sale!), paired with my favourite skirt right now which I picked up in the Zara sale recently. But this top, OH MY. Is this top not the cutest freaking thing you've ever seen? I used to hate wearing t-shirts, but since I spend most of my time in hot photography studio for my job I've built quite a collection recently, and I now I can't walk past a funny/cute tee without whipping out my bank card.

Pink Suede Jacket - Forever21 // Cactus Top - H&M // Suede Skirt - Zara // Black Boots - Zara // Quay Australia Sunglasses - ASOS

P.S. I always just ramble in my blog posts in a sort of personal diary style way, but I'm never sure If I should be giving you more information about styling or photography or travel. Maybe you just want me to shut up and link my outfit, because after all this is an outfit post. Which do you prefer, or do you like a little bit of both? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pep Talk - Feeling Like You Suck At Blogging?

ASOS Deep V and Flared Sleeve-Pale-Aesthetic
ASOS Deep V and Flared Sleeve-Pale-Aesthetic
ASOS Deep V and Flared Sleeve-Pale-Aesthetic

Now I'm not one to toot my own horn or anything, but I actually feel like a I look a little bit like a real life blogger in these pictures. First of all I would like to thank my Mum, my Dad, my hamster I had when I was 5... No, but really I feel like I owe a lot of it to my new camera the Olympus Pen E-PL7! (As well as some new found confidence and my perfect new outfit location). I will be sure to whip out a good old Olympus Pen post answering all the questions I couldn't find when I was spending endless nights googling about it trying to justify the massive price tag soon.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with blogging, as you can probably gather if you're not a first timer here, and after falling head over heels with Youtube I actually considered putting this little blog to bed, but theres something about a little old outfit post or new in accessory review which just screams picture ready over video. Photography, editing, styling, these are all things that come naturally to me. Posing, modeling, smiling for a camera, these are not. If I could have someone model on my blog for me, that would be great but unfortunately thats not how these things work. Unlike most bloggers I am not the first girl to whip out a camera at a party, I find it a chore to take a selfie, and I never remember to suck in and put my shoulders back in a group picture, but can I have some credit for sheer persistence and effort. I know I am not the most consistent over here, nor am I the prettiest, and most natural in front of a camera but I give it my best shot, and after seeing how far I've come recently, I really really want to keep trying!

Now I hope you brought some crackers with you, because things are about to get a little cheesy...

So if you're feeling a little deflated recently, or like what you put out isn't good enough, or consistent enough, or you just down right are having an 'ugly' day (and hate what you are doing in picture when you thought you were doing something completely different), then hop in my little boat with me. We all have our weaknesses but we can power through this together, and maybe get a little better, and when you look back at how much you've grown and developed over the years you might be surprised. You have to remember that blogging not only showcases a skill, it teaches you so many valuable things. I have learnt so much about lighting and photography, and even writing for that matter from blogging, this isn't just a hobby it's a free life class.

Top - ASOS // Skirt - Zara (Sale) // Boots - Zara // Coat - Forever21 // Scarf - Topshop // Necklace - Topshop // Bag - Rebecca Minkoff via The Outnet 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

What I Got For Christmas

After a little December break I am back on Youtube! I have so many plans and ambitions for this year, and after 2015 ended on such a high I can't wait to see what this year has to offer! So, without further ado, lets finally round off last year with my 'What I Got For Christmas' video, and I think I ramble enough in the video to allow me to stop typing and let you just watch the bloody thang!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Turtle Necks & Denim

Hey look at me braving the winter weather to express my style. I bloody love blogging but I do not enjoy standing outside spending most of the time shouting "quick take the picture" as the wind blows my hair in my face for the 7th time in 30 seconds. I actually considered putting in a little gif of a 'blogging walk' I did where I resembled Cousin It from the adams family the whole time, but I refrained.

Anywho... lets talk fashion. I am obsessed with turtle necks right now, I always avoided them previously because I felt like in covering my neck they exaggerated my very moon shaped face but I moved past that and now any jumper that doesn't roll up high feels soooooo boring. I got this one (plus 3 other colours) from Primark and it fits perfect, and was only about �8, so I was well chuffed with that. Another current obsession is Forever21. I went to Uni in Birmingham where the massive one used to be and it was just 3 floors of crap, however recently every time I walk past it I'm dragged in my something handing in the front of the store and slowly pulled further and further in until I've picked up half the stock and am heading for the tills ready the cross my fingers I can afford it all. They have really embraces the 70's look and since I am still digging my heels into this trend and refusing to accept that one day it will no longer be cool, I am in love with Forever21.

Now it's a little less cold, I really wanna start posting outfits here again, so stick around and follow me

Dress - Forever21 // Jumper - Primark // Shoes - Faith